GARMARYGA S.L., has been working the footwear for forty years and It’s one of the pioneers manufacturing safety footwear with more than 30 years of experience. At its beginning, it had 600 m2 of installations but nowadays it has more than 4000 m2 dedicated to safety footwear.


GARMARYGA S.L, has been awared with the International Master of Companies as recognition of the Image, Prestige and Expansion for its out-standing quality and design in the manufacture of professional safety footwear certified by the European Regulation.


Since veteran in safety footwear, GARMARYGA S.L., belongs to the beginning to ASEPAL (Association of Companies of Equipments of Personal Protection) and is associated to INESCOP (Institute Technologic of the footwear and connected).


Garmaryga en Polígono Moreta de Quel, La Rioja